Besides painting, Ibrahim el Haddad expresses himself through other artistic media such as composing and writing songs. He has received formal education at the Basel School of Jazz (guitar) which gave him with a solid theoretical and harmonic background.
After having performed and recorded with some local bands, Ibrahim El Haddad lately produced his first record “Be my brother” which contains elements of Soul, Bossa and Jazz.

Try song samples from this album:

Be my brother   

Gogo Girl   

I have a chance   


Download the title song “Be my Brother” for free!
In 2006/07, Ibrahim El Haddad joined the French-Egyptian theatre dance project “Les Maux de Soqoot el Zakera”. As a performing musician he played different instruments and toured internationally.
Ibrahim El Haddad is in possession of a fabulous and rare vinyl collection of black music, jazz, funk, reggae and soul that he occasionally shares in his work as a DJ.